Chainvine is a bespoke Blockchain technology solution and service provider. We are based in Sweden and the United Kingdom. The company has developed a unique enabler for the use of the Blockchain and Blockchain based technologies, it is engaging with both the public and private sector.


To provide decentralised solutions through chainvine’s asset management solution and platform, showing how Blockchain and other developed decentralised technologies can increase performance, revenue, accountability and security for large and small entities in the private and public sector.


To develop Chainvine`s asset management platform backed by Blockchain technology and more as the fastest, most reliable and secure means for global transactions across sectors and disciplines.


To change the way the private and public enterprises do business, to show the value in trusted decentralised platforms through the use of the Blockchain and other decentralised solutions.



Products & Services


Chainvine offers highly adaptable solutions for asset and ID management in a digital world. The core offering enables access to block chain and other decentralised technologies secured with a custom encryption layer.

Chainvine Asset Management (CAM) backed by Blockchain and other distributed ledgers

Chainvine`s Asset Management solution and platform will allow clients to customise it to their needs, and take advantage of the Blockchain and Blockchain based technologies. It manages digital assets and is responsible for transferring assets on the Blockchain.

Chainvine Identity Management (CIM) backed by Blockchain and other distributed ledgers

Chainvine`s Identity Management solution and platform will allow clients to customise it to their needs, and take advantage of the Blockchain and Blockchain based technologies. It creates identities for entities as required in many financial services/government related applications.

Chainvine Entity Management (CEM) backed by Blockchain and other distributed ledgers

Chainvine`s Entity Management solution and platform will allow clients to customise it to their needs, and take advantage of the Blockchain and Blockchain based technologies by enabling them to create entities on the Blockchain.


Chainvine Encryption Services (CES)

Chainvine Encryption Services layer is responsible for creating an authority framework.


Chainvine Encryption Key Management (CEKM)

Key management is not simple, Chainvine offers unique and novel solutions tailored to the needs of each specific client.


Chainvine Pilot Programs (CPP)

Chainvine offers short pilots and planned initiatives. This is made possible through our customization of the digital platform, made to your specifications and requirements.


Partners & Clients


“Some of Our Clients and Partners”

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Our people define us. From software engineers, architects, domain experts to project managers we are of the highest calibre. All of chainvine founders and key personnel are highly qualified with a true passion for Blockchain and decentralised technology this is underpinned by real-world experience gained on a variety of projects. We are effective communicators who will quickly gain a thorough understanding of your business to solve its unique technical challenges. Building strong and lasting relationships with clients, we often work with many of their business needs and foresee future needs as a result.

Oliver N Oram


Oliver has spent many years working internationally in the Financial Technology sector. With a very good understanding of the Nordic and UK markets, he also has valuable experience in the US, Chinese and Russian markets.

He has worked with the economic benefits of full and incremental decentralization. Has a strong interest in developing current and future decentralized technology, especially in the areas of property rights, governance both corporate and public.

Andreas Tsindos


Andreas a mobile telecommunication professional with over 15 years in the industry. Andreas has worked for large multinational companies such as Vodafone, News Corporation International and Siemens Communications. In the last 5 years he has founded and is the CEO of a successful mobile value added Services Company (Digital Wallets) with clients like Vodafone and Saudi Telecom Company and has service contract agreements with over 20 companies. He is well known and respected within the industry.

Niclas Wigstrom


A co-founder/investor of a number of start-ups across sectors including finance, music and Ad Tech/Programmatics. He has worked as a specialist for over 17 years in the financial and investment banking environment such as Danske Bank, Alfred Berg and Merrill Lynch. Niclas enjoys introducing new technology into his extensive professional network, helping them understand better today’s opportunities and challenges in this sector.



Dr Rajiv Mathur


Dr. Mathur comes from a research background and has held research positions at premier institutions such as Computing department of Imperial College London. More recently, Rajiv has been offering consultancy services to major telecommunications and banking organisations. Dr. Mathur has been involved with the O2 Wallet product as well as Visa’s mobile products. His expertise is in the areas of IT Architecture and product design, technology for fraud management including proactive fraud detection as well as reactive forensics and transaction and regulatory compliance.

Cliff Fluet


Cliff is qualified lawyer who has acted for some of the world’s largest names in mobile, brands, recorded music, mobile, live music, radio, audio-visual production and online. He is the founder and Managing Director of Eleven, a business advisory and corporate finance firm working with disruptive business models in the world of Digital Media, Film and Sport where he advises large corporations, brands and investors on digital innovation and works with start-ups at the cutting edge of music and technology, especially in the realm of the Sharing Economy, Social Video, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and the BlockChain.

Erica Landin

Special Advisor

Erica Landin-Löfving is Chainvine’s special advisor on wine and food production, distribution and sustainability. She started her career in Biotech and Medtech with equities analysis and business development consulting but made a life change to work with her passionate interests of wine and food. She has become known in the wine industry as one of Sweden’s most international wine- and food writers, with work appearing in Decanter, WineEnthusiast, Meininger’s Wine Business International, CondeNast and Gourmet.  Over the years she has focused on sustainability issues in food and wine production and how to guide consumers to more sustainable choices. In the areas of food, wine and sustainability, she has worked for clients such as Qatar Airways, Nobia, Swedish grocery giant ICA Group, RealStevia, luxury cruise company SeaDream Yacht Club and IKEA.

Scott De Mercado

Representing Defender Advisor AB

Scott founded Audiotube Ltd and went on to co found Marathon Artists LABs Accelerator with a focus on innovation and R&D in the Music sector.
Management Consultant roles at Blackwell Fuller Holdings Inc, Island Trading Inc, Marathon Paramount Ltd and Startupbootcamp.
Experience covers Management, M&A, Corporate Finance, Business Development and Start-ups in Tech and Media sectors.
Currently on the board of Audiotube Ltd, Marathon Artists LABs Accelerator and serving on the Board Nomination Committee at Zenterio AB.
Prior, worked for 10 years with Undisputed World Heavyweight
Boxing Champion Lennox Lewis, managing and assisting in
strategic planning for all of Lewis’ major fights.

Nadeem Shamim


Leveraging extensive experience in payments, treasury and risk management Nadeem is expanding into the FinTech space along with financial services consulting. His recent experience includes Trade finance, cash management, treasury consulting around risk management and process re-engineering. As a seasoned treasury consultant he has worked with large corporates, central banks and banks on projects to maximise internal resources (working capital, processes, compliance, etc.)

Nadeem has deep knowledge of the various principles of Treasury Processes and Functions including Working Capital Management. He has strong skills in Product Management, Sales, Systems, Project Management, Treasury Re-engineering and Consulting.

Nadeem was listed at #38 in top 100 LGBT executives in the Financial Times 2015. He is a trustee of Dost UK charity – working to support the street kids in Pakistan

Benji Rogers


Benji Rogers is currently Chief Strategy Officer of PledgeMusic, the global direct-to-fan company he co-founded in 2008. A public speaker, investor, and musician from London and New York, Rogers co-founded Radiary Creations in 2014 and is an advisor to a multitude of companies, including Dubset Media, Sound Diplomacy, Cords for Music, First Artist Bank, and NoiseTrade. In 2014 he was the recipient of the A&R Worldwide “Digital Executive of the Year” award, and in 2013 he made the Billboard 40 Under 40 Power Players list. He is an instructor at Berklee College of Music, teaching the Music Business Trends and Strategies course for Berklee Online. Recent engagements include keynote addresses and panels at SXSW, Midem, European Culture Forum, SF MusicTech Summit, Canadian Music Week, MMF, BPI, Music Matters, GRAMMY Camp, and many more. In 2015 Rogers accepted a position on the Board of Directors of the Future Of Music Coalition.




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Chainvine-Wenda Collaboration.

  • August 29, 2017

Chainvine and Wenda have signed a partnership to begin integration between their respective technology solutions to mesh Blockchain and IoT technology within the product lifecycle management (PLM) process.

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Partnership between Chainvine and Audiotube May 2017

  • May 24, 2017

Audio tube and Chainvine partner to deliver Blockchain Music Distribution
Time to focus on the future! Now, we’ll explore how Blockchain technology will influence music (distribution), digital asset management, support musicians & record labels and additionally provide a better fan experience.

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Chainvine “Blocking and Rolling” the Music Industry again!

  • May 23, 2017

Blockchain: Could It Be the New Ecosystem for Music, Motion Pictures, Video Games and Other Creative Pursuits?At BMIM 2017, Chainvine CEO, Oliver N Oram, will be trying to get to the truth – or at least work out why the question can’t be answered yet.

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Blockchain is putting a cork in wine counterfeits

  • April 6, 2017

The wine industry specifically is opaque due to a lack of knowledge and high fragmentation within the system

Oram Oliver, Chainvine

Blockchain is putting a cork in deceitful practices.

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