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We create intelligent databases and ledger technology.

We ensure our client’s commodity and contract data can be more efficiently stored and managed in a secure and intelligent way.


Chainvine creates bespoke blockchain platforms for our clients, which decentralise their ledger systems, creating transparent, secure and cost-effective systems that reduce the chance of corruption and human error.

What is Chainvine?

Chainvine creates bespoke platforms, using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which decentralise a company’s ledger system; creating a secure, intuitive and permanent recording of ledger data, which is simply not possible on current data systems.

Chainvine integrates its clients’ existing databases into a DLT platform which ensures that data is more efficiently stored and managed in a secure and intelligent way. Our team of experts work closely with our clients’ management teams to develop a solution that works for them, creating an evolution of our clients’ existing systems rather than completely overhauling them.

How does it work?

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) decentralises data across a network of ‘nodes’ which, using their combined power, stores transactional data permanently in the cloud on a ‘blockchain’. This distributed, decentralised approach means that there cannot be a single point of data loss or critical failure.

Every point in a company’s operation is therefore fully accountable and by utilising ‘Intelligent Contracts’ (or ‘Smart Contracts’ as they are sometimes known) products will for the first time be able to record vital data such as time of day, weekends & holidays, time zones, and geographic borders. Operational chains can, for the first time, be truly intuitive, increasing businesses’ financial margins.


London, 4th June 2018

Chainvine secures £2.5 million Series A funding round led by Deepbridge Capital

Chainvine (“the company”), a provider of cutting edge Distributed Ledger Technologies, has announced that it has secured £2.5m ($3.34 million USD) in its Series A funding round led by Deepbridge Capital.

Chainvine works closely with its clients’ management teams to integrate their existing ledger systems into a bespoke blockchain based platform, allowing them to better manage their supply chain and contract data. Chainvine’s platforms enable clients to evolve their existing ledger systems rather than completely overhauling them, by harnessing the potential of blockchain technology without prior technical experience.

Chainvine will utilise the funds to expand its client base and commercialise its revolutionary ‘Intelligent’ products. As part of the Series A funding round, Kieran O’Gorman, Technical Partner at Deepbridge Capital has been appointed to the Chainvine board to provide high level strategic advice.

These two products will reduce the cost of trust within a business, thus increasing profit margins and bringing efficiencies that were not possible until now.

Businesses invest significant time and money into outdated database and ledger technologies that are not conducive to long term sustainability. The most prominent ledger and database systems are simply digital versions of analogue systems. These platforms are highly susceptible to human error, are very often incompatible with third party software and their standardised approach increases the risk of cybercrime significantly.

“At Deepbridge, we invest in impressive teams, which have the skills and technical knowledge to create globally scalable products, and we believe Chainvine and its novel use of Distributed Ledger Technology meets these vital criteria” said Kieran O’Gorman, Technical Partner at Deepbridge Capital. “We look forward to working in partnership with Chainvine during its continued development and commercialisation.”

Oliver Oram, Founder and CEO of Chainvine said: “We’re very excited to be working with Deepbridge. Their significant expertise will prove invaluable as we commercialise and scale our business. We truly believe that Distributed Ledger Technologies have the potential to change the way businesses operate. The technology allows for unparalleled levels of transparency and efficiency that will allow companies to operate truly sustainably.”

Chainvine offers its clients two distinct products. Firstly, it has created ‘Intelligent Commodities’, which when integrated with Internet of Things (IOT) partners, enables companies to track physical commodities and record supply chain data, e.g. production, transit, and temperature records, on the blockchain. This allows for highly intuitive automated data management.

Chainvine has also developed its unique ‘Intelligent Contracts’ product, which enable its clients to better manage contract data, by ensuring it is permanently recorded on the blockchain and giving them access to the technology’s self-executing digital contracts system.

Intelligent Commodities

Intelligent Commodities

Chainvine has developed its unique product, Intelligent Commodities, which when integrated with Internet of Things (IOT) partners, enables companies to track physical commodities and record supply chain data – such as production, transit, and temperature records – on the blockchain through Chainvine’s bespoke platform. This allows for highly intuitive automated data management thereby increasing supply chain transparency and traceability. Chainvine currently works with several clients in the fine wine and metal sectors.

Intelligent Contracts

Intelligent Contracts

Chainvine’s Intelligent Contracts enable businesses to better manage digital contracts, including storing any changes to the data, by ensuring it is permanently recorded on the blockchain. Using Chainvine’s bespoke system, Intelligent Contracts also give businesses access to the Distributed Ledger Technology’s self-executing digital contracts system. This technology allows contracts to be recorded and managed in a secure space, while also enabling the participants involved in the contracts to remain anonymous. Chainvine is currently working with a number of legal and accountancy firms on bespoke Intelligent Contract projects.


Chainvine was founded by experts in the fields of decentralised ledgers, digital security, advanced digital systems, economics, corporate finance and operational strategy.

We work in partnership with our clients to create bespoke solutions to ensure their contract and commodity data is permanently recorded in a secure, decentralised network, making their records easier to access and manage.

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Oliver Oram

Oliver Oram


Oliver’s background in financial technology opened his eyes to the potential of distributed ledger technology, which led him to studying an MSc of International Management, with a focus on fiscal decentralisation, at the School of Oriental Studies.

He has valuable experience of the Nordic, UK, US, Chinese and Russian markets and a strong interest in developing current and future decentralised technology. As CEO, he draws on these experiences and interests to lead Chainvine’s team of experts.

Niclas Wigstrom

Niclas Wigstrom


A co-founder and investor in a number of start-ups, Niclas brings entrepreneurial experience from a wide range of sectors. He has seen companies through the entire life-cycle: from an idea scribbled on the back of a napkin, to their sale years later.

Niclas began his career as an equity, sales and derivatives trader in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, working for major banks such as Merrill Lynch, Danske Bank and Alfred Berg.

Mamta Mathur

Mamta Mathur


Mamta comes from a consulting background and has worked for numerous FTSE 100 companies. She brings wealth of experience in managing large-scale software development, integration and service delivery projects in challenging multilingual global environments.

Dr Rajiv Mathur

Dr Rajiv Mathur


As Chainvine’s CTO, Rajiv brings a wealth of IT architecture experience, having designed and implemented solutions for HSBC, Visa and Lloyds Banking Group. Rajiv has also held research positions at some of the world’s foremost institutions, including the Computing department of Imperial College London.

By combining his practical experience across a wide-range of sectors with his academic knowledge, Rajiv leads his team to create bespoke products that provide solutions for any client.


We believe in collaboration. That’s why we work with a wide-range of expert advisors that specialise in disruptive technology, intelligent commodities and intelligent contracts, and help us to create the most innovative new blockchain solutions for our clients.

Cliff Fluet

Cliff Fluet

Cliff is a digital lawyer, recognised by Legal 500 and Chambers as a leader in his field. Cliff advises clients on music-based content, branded entertainment and rights issues, amongst other areas. He is the founder and Managing Director of Eleven, a business advisory and corporate finance firm working with disruptive corporations, brands and investors in the world of digital media, film and sport, whom he advises on digital innovation. His passion for working with innovative businesses brought him to Chainvine.

Nadeem Shamim

Nadeem Shamim

With a background in financial services consulting, having worked for Standard Chartered Bank, J.P. Morgan and HSBC, Nadeem has extensive experience in payments, treasury and risk management. Nadeem was listed at #38 in top 100 LGBT executives in the Financial Times 2015 and is a trustee of Dost UK charity, which works to support street children in Pakistan.

Erica Landin

Erica Landin

Erica is one of Sweden’s leading wine and food writers, having been featured in Decanter, CondeNast and Gourmet. She has a particular interest in wine and food sustainability that has led her to work for Qatar Airways, RealStevia and IKEA. Erica advises Chainvine on wine and food production, distribution and sustainability.

Scott De Mercado

Scott De Mercado

Scott has extensive experience of management, M&A, corporate finance and business development in the technology and media sectors. He is the founder of Audiotube Ltd, a pioneer in fair trade music distribution, and has consulted for some of the world’s most prominent music publishing and distribution companies.

Benji Rogers

Benji Rogers

Benji Rogers is currently Chief Strategy Officer of PledgeMusic, the global direct-to-fan company he co-founded in 2008. A public speaker, investor, and musician, Benji co-founded Radiary Creations in 2014 and is an advisor to Dubset Media, Sound Diplomacy, NoiseTrade, and more. In 2013 he made the Billboard 40 under 40 Power Players list and in 2014 he was the recipient of the A&R Worldwide “Digital Executive of the Year” award.

Kieran O'Gorman

Kieran O'Gorman

Board Director

Kieran is a Chainvine Board Director. With a wealth of experience in financial services, including institutional fund management within the Lloyd’s of London insurance community, and HNW private client stockbroking at Popes Stockbrokers (now Brewin Dolphin), Kieran has an indepth knowledge of the private capital markets, involving capital raising, investor relations and communication, and is responsible for the fund-raising activities at Deepbridge. Kieran has been a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments since 2001.

Clients & Partnerships

We believe in evolution not disruption

We work closely with our clients to help them evolve, not overhaul, their ledger systems. We are dedicated to working with our clients to create a bespoke platform, making sure the solution meets our clients’ needs, rather than adopting a one size fits all approach.

Our white-labelled products can work with any blockchain platform, in virtually any sector. We work closely with our partners and clients to help them evolve, not to completely overhaul their systems.

Audio Tube
Fintage House
K & L Gates
Stockholm Green Digital Finance

Case studies


Stena Steel

Stena Steel has been trialling Chainvine’s 'Intelligent Commodities' to allow its clients to track and trace the steel it produces back to source. This allows customers to see where their metal came from, how it has been treated and who handled it.

Chainvine uses blockchain technology to record and store Stena Steel’s supply chain data using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), which is impossible to manipulate by anyone along the supply chain. These ledgers can be followed from the final product, every step of the way back to the original source, in real time and with complete reliability.

Ultimately it is planned that Stena Steel customers will be able to login into their Stena accounts to download and check steel certificates with greater visibility of the origin and producer of the steel.

"Stena Steel takes great pride in distributing only the highest standard steel to its customers. It is very important that our clients have the correct, unmanipulated data concerning the steel they are buying. Be it for producing cars, boats or planes, we aim to provide that data to Chainvine who are creating tomorrow’s intelligent commodities.” Hans Svensson, Market and Purchasing Manager at Stena Steel.


K&L Gates

Global law firm K&L Gates LLP utilise Chainvine’s “Intelligent Contracts” to allow the firm’s lawyers and IT staff to establish an internal, private and permissioned blockchain to assist in the exploration, creation, and implementation of smart contracts and other technology applications for future client use.

“We are hearing from our lawyers globally who are excited about getting hands-on experience working with blockchain applications,” commented K&L Gates Global Managing Partner James Segerdahl. “By investing in this technology that is expected to significantly impact the practice of law, K&L Gates is committed to finding practical and timely solutions that benefit both our clients and the firm.”

Judith Rinearson, a partner in K&L Gates’ New York and London offices and one of the co-chairs of the firm’s Fintech practice leading the project, said: “The first stage of our blockchain initiative will be a ‘sandbox’ that will allow our lawyers from around the world to get direct experience working with blockchain applications. We are next planning to develop use cases that our clients want and need, working both with Chainvine and clients to explore and build on the distributed ledger platform.”

The final step in K&L Gates’ blockchain initiative will be to create an internal private permissioned blockchain, a commitment that very few, if any, other major law firms have made.