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April 6, 2017
International Fintech Conference 2017

Chainvine Chosen as one of the top 100 FINTECH Companies to be showcased
Chainvine and International FINTECH Conference 2017

London on 12 April 2017.


Chainvine is pleased to announce that it will be a part of the First ever  International FINTECH Conference in London on 12 April 2017 hosted by HM Government.


The Conference will bring together domestic and international investors and UK FINTECH firms for an exciting one-day programme that aims to attract more investment into the UK’s world-leading FINTECH sector.


Bringing the dynamic companies, who are driving the sector together with the regulators who facilitates the growth and investment, to support in the future. This great event will create a dynamic which can only drive the success of the sector in UK.

Add almost £7 billion to economy a year

Has a workforce over 60,000

Attracted £ 524 million investors in 2015


Independent reviews regularly write that UK provides the most supportive and attractive environment for business. UK FINTECH is shaking up competition, challenging more established players to up their game which means new and improved services for customers

HM government is looking forward to welcoming investors from the world regulators from the Government Bank of England and others and companies from UK fast growing FINTECH sector bringing them together to walk about how can we grow the industry still further and still faster.


Please join and talk to us for further successful opportunities on this event.



Industrial FINTECH

Conference 2017

12 April, London