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Buma Music in Motion

May 23, 2017
Chainvine “Blocking and Rolling” the Music Industry again!

Buma Music in Motion (BMIM) – May 23, 2017 at the Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam.

Blockchain: Could It Be the New Ecosystem for Music, Motion Pictures, Video Games and Other Creative Pursuits?

At BMIM 2017, Chainvine CEO, Oliver N Oram, will be trying to get to the truth – or at least work out why the question can’t be answered yet.

Oliver has spent many years working internationally in the Financial Technology sector. He has worked with the economic benefits of full and incremental decentralization, and has a strong interest in developing current and future decentralized technology, especially in the areas of property rights, governance both corporate and public. He has spoken at many events about the catalyst of block chain technology for change, across sectors and industry.

Blockchain technology has attracted both evangelists and sceptics across the music and film industry.

With the arrival of the digital revolution, gone are the days of going into a store and exchanging money for a record or a film. And that means that no one might be see a penny for all their hard work because it is so easily shared online. But according to some industry figures, all that is about to change.

The disruptive and empowering potential of block chain technology being used as a transactional medium in music, photography, art, fashion, film, journalism and gaming is a powerfully attractive idea that could finally see an end to misrepresentation of value in the creative businesses, leading to artists getting the rewards they truly deserve. But is it really the answer to the creative business’ infamous problems with transparency and efficiency?

Find out more:https://www.buma-music-in-motion.nl/page/606/blockchain-could-it-be-the-new-ecosystem-for-music-motion-pictures-video-game