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April 6, 2017
Chainvine, Bringing The Power of the Blockchain to FoodTech

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How foodtech will move trillions of euros and change the fate of nations

Blockchain, it is a technology that enables you, in a totally transparent and tamper-proof way, to follow the way modern Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. It could be olive oil, chocolate, beef or anything else for that matter. In the modern era of challenging and readily changing world of food, it is very important to connect the dots with a special focus on Data, Urban Food Systems and Personalized Food/Health. Sweden Food Tech is the ecosystem for the next generation food system, based on tech, data, sustainability and health key players of the current food system, research institutes and the new entrepreneurs shaping the future of food.

As a UK financial technology specialist, Oliver was used to wearing pin-striped suits and talking about money with the world’s largest companies.

Founder and CEO of Swedish/UK Chainvine, Oliver Oram mostly talks about wine and the value that be brought from the financial sector and put in a bottle. It is of course all about blockchain! The technology behind the bitcoin-hype, blockchain can be used for so many more things, not the least in the food sector. For those who aren’t familiar with the blockchain, the blockchain is simply one of the most promising opportunities in the field of getting rid of food fraud and for the wine sector it offers additional and abundant business opportunities. Technology, Money and Fraud, the ingredients for an action-drama movie. Or the future of food.


Oliver Oram

Founder CEO Chainvine

The Big Meet