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November 15, 2016
Chainvine Joins the Open Music Initiative

The challenge of getting quality data about music into a shared ledger.

For Music Lovers.

Chainvine is pleased to announce that it has joined the Open Music Initiative. The mission of the Open Music initiative is to endorsement, improvement and the development of open source standards and modernization related to music, to help assure proper compensation for all creators’ performers and right holders of music. Our Chainvine Blockchain enabler solution is proving to be something that can add great value to the Music wold.

“Chainvine offers solutions that identify, track and transact digital assets, this can be anything from IP to assets that have been digitized via data, in the case of music we are using Blockchain for both IP management and Syncing we enjoy collaboration in our field and see technology as evolutionary not revolutionary.”

Oliver Oram, CEO