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April 12, 2016
Chainvine Making Music Industry “Blockchain Ready”

Forging closer relationships with technology startups has been on many music companies’ agenda over the past decade.

Independent firm Marathon Artists has formalised the process, with its Marathon Labs accelerator. It launched earlier this year as a partnership with Sushi Venture Partners, with six startups part of its first cohort.

Stagelink helps artists plan tours by getting fans to vote on where they should play while indicating how much they’d pay for a ticket. Festyvent makes apps for festivals with analytics and other features for organisers on top, while Funtoad turns gig attendees’ smartphones into a sound and vision show.

Chainvine is exploring blockchain-based IP control and royalty payments; Floviral is a social/viral marketing platform; and Magnetic is a music, photography and film-focused multi-channel network.

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