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February 24, 2016
“Copenhagen as a fintech hub”

“Copenhagen as a fintech hub”

“New Fintech solutions through block chain technology”

Presentation by Oliver Oram, Founder Chainvine

On December 9th 2015, Oliver Oram, CEO of Chainvine, was invited to give a presentation on decentralised technologies & block chain for Copenhagen Fintech Innovation and Research. The presentation was part of a conference dedicated to fintech. Ambitions and visions for the future of fintech in Denmark will be shared and international fintech players who gave their views on the disruptive development in financial services. Other companies and organisations presenting included Saxo Bank, Oxford Research, SBT Venture Capital, Bancore A/S, Nets, Tryg and Finansforbundet.

Chainvine CEO Oliver’s presentation looked at the size of the block chain industry and the geographical spread of the industry. This was followed by a presentation of three solutions developed by Chainvine ,“CAM” Chainvine Asset Management, “CIM” Chainvine Identity Management & Chainvines secure digital distribution platform. All Chainvine solutions allow for unique encryption layers and the security options for key storage.

Details of the event on link below


Chainvine “Monetisation through Decentralisation”

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Oliver N Oram at +46734222313  or email at oliver@chainvine.com.