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October 21, 2016
The Digital Labour Symposium


The Chainvine team had the pleasure to be invited to KPMG’S Digital Labour Symposium at their prestigious Mayfair members club and our CEO Oliver was a guest speaker at one of the panels discussing how the Blockchain could play a part in the future of digital labour.

Nowadays, mechanical systems or robotics Systems boosted with intellectual technologies can execute the work or tasks that where human involvement is prerequisite , from answering a client’s technical interrogations to identifying suspicious financial activities and alerting customers.
The time is not far away when these will be a part of our everyday lives, from helping doctors, diagnose and treat patients to autonomously driving automobiles and reducing the danger on our roads.
Digital labour is a word for a representation of notions, concepts and ideas that captures the high level of mental thinking processes i.e. Cognitions that are stored in Schema i.e. Mind Registers for storing the memory in accompanying the cultural labour with job replacement in automated industrial sector, global production systems entrenched in high technologies, into use of knowledge in better and economical way.
Digital labour also defines a sequence of affective and social activities within entrepreneurial modes of fabrication not typically viewed as work, including the increasing participation on social media websites, and the effect of social media on social patterns and communication and the collapse of work and play.
The notion of digital labour has evolved from the traditions of workerist/Operaismo, Autonomism, and Post-Fordist theory that grew during the workers’ struggles in Italy, which included a substantial feminist movement in the Wages for housework campaign.
The Blockchain technology can play a big part in the enablement of this Digital labour ecosystem making it transparent and secure in nature and the Chainvine platform is very well placed to help achieve this.