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October 25, 2016
Vis-à-Vis Legal IT Event 2016

It was an enormous pleasure for Vis- à-Vis Legal Event, to invite Oliver Oram, CEO of Chainvine, as a guest speaker held on 25th – 27th September in Luton Hoo Spa Hotel in Bedfordshire.

Over 50 CIO’s from the top global Law firms were in attendance and Oliver was there to showcase how technology and in particular the Blockchain technology will have significant impact to law practices.

About Chainvine

Chainvine is a Blockchain technology solution and service provider based in the United Kingdom. Chainvine’s vision and approach is to change the way private and public enterprises do business, to show the value in trusted decentralized platforms through the use of the Blockchain

The company has developed a unique set of enablers for the use of the Blockchain and Blockchain based technologies, it is engaging with both the public and private sector.


About Vis-à-vis Events

Vis-à-vis is an event with a difference –looking at some of the non-technology specific side of heading up the IT function in a law firm as well as some future technology and the potential impact industries, introduces the overriding theme and challenge of the event digital age law firms need their most senior technology professional performing right inside the inner circle of firm leadership, critical to strategy setting and to ensuring the success and survival of the business.