“Unleashed Platforms” Chooses Chainvine

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NEW YORK & TALLINN (USA & ESTONIA), December 16, 2020 /

Unleashed Platforms proudly announces today a partnership with Chainvine, a pioneer in applied Distributed Ledger Technology, to build its flagship solution Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the ever-evolving advertising and marketing space: “ The M.O.”

The M.O. (or The Modus Operandi), which will be marketed as an “Agency in a Box” and be offered as a licensable environment designed to stimulate the creation or reorganization of micro and small/medium creative and marketing agencies.

The innovation is in response to great shifts happening in the marketing landscape – massive consolidation leading to talent and job loss on one hand, and floating existing ecosystems of creative talent who are challenged in terms of managing business.

“This solution allows creative agencies to form, organize, regroup, and just be creative. The business side is taken care of” says Unleashed Platforms co-founder Tom Eslinger. “It will do that by utilizing the power of intelligent contracts, decentralized ledger technology and high-level encryption.”

“This is the beginning of the beginning of the real obsolescence of large holding companies and creates a genuine environment for competitiveness for all, on an equal playing field, prioritizing creative value and client transparency and control” added Glen Cameron, the second of the two co-founders of Unleashed Platforms.

“There are plenty of features beyond the conception – and one we know will be popular: every agency or contributor involved in a project will be paid daily, automatically. No more 180-day payment terms.”

Oliver Oram, CEO of Chainvine confirmed the engagement, “This is an exciting project. A genuinely new conception for the world of advertising and marketing and Chainvine are delighted to power part of the technology for this exciting project. The application of blockchain, and specifically Distributed Ledger Technology needs new usages and approach to drive adoption and thus spread its benefits more widely. This is a big move for the advertising industry.”

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