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British FinTech meets Chinese Academia



Chinese University (Zhejiang University) & Chainvine to create more transparency around real cases in the Blockchain sector with client cases

This collaboration will concentrate on sharing knowledge for business and technology students, industry clients and creating a learning community through collaborative activities, training and tailored courses. Both parties will benefit by gaining access to people and allow support for research projects linked to blockchain/DLT and deeptech in general. This will further enable the creation and sharing of best practices for digital assets allowing creation and dissemination of knowledge, new products and learning offerings to the target markets. This collaboration will create ongoing revenue streams for the parties and their partners.

As the DLT technology matures, it is becoming most evident that education and knowledge are key to the adoption of the technology into the mainstream as disillusionment and hype settle down. By taking a pragmatic, evidence-driven approach, Chainvine will share real-world DLT project cases with AIF. This knowledge share and sharing of Chainvine expertise and experience in the development of these projects over the last 4 years shows how the adoption of DLT by the business is taking place. Through this knowledge sharing AIF will be able to better train and tailor courses to specific business financial disciplines etc.

Oliver N Oram CEO, “A recent trade trip with the Lord Mayor of London Peter Eslin, opened my eyes further to the possibilities of business collaboration in and with China” as a result it has led to further engagement with Chinese organization such as the Academy of Internet Finance, Zhejiang University. The AIF platform makes for a great partner knowledge sharing not only on a technology side but how British FinTech can be adopted and grown through good cultural process collaboration. Professor Ben Shenglin, Dean of AIF and the Zhejiang University International Business school believes “…our work with Chainvine demonstrates the importance and value of academic/corporate collaboration. We are part of the same ecosystem, and need to nourish each other from our respective areas of expertise.”

Lord Mayor of the City of London Peter Estlin said: “I’m delighted to hear that Chainvine is continuing to expand its operations in China in the wake of my visit to the country earlier this year. “Having travelled to Zhejiang recently as Lord Mayor, I’ve seen first-hand the sheer amount of innovation taking place in the province, particularly in areas like fintech. “I therefore look forward to hearing more about this partnership.”

About Chainvine

Chainvine enables enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure through its ID, Asset and Encryption manager platform. We are currently engaged in finance, supply chain & IoT. We strongly believe that we will be the first company to truly commercialise Blockchain technology in both commodities & supply chain. Our product in supply chain space has now bought us into contact with a number IoT companies in Europe and further afield looking for alternative operational systems for their companies.

The management team behind Chainvine has experience and professional capacity in Blockchain, distributed systems, finance, telecoms, engineering and finance. All management team have relevant experience in building business internationally and delivering technology and technology platforms internationally. All members of the team bring unique experience in working in certain geographical regions, from Europe, MIDA, Russia & the USA.

Zhejiang Province and the Yangtze River Delta, the home of Zhejiang University, is a hub for innovation at the heart of China’s dynamic economic growth. Zhejiang University has long been considered one of the best universities in China and is ranked among the top 100 in the world. The creation of the Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) in 2018 marks a significant milestone towards the growth and positioning of the University as a leading global institution. The Academy of Internet Finance (AIF), a research Institute Affiliated to ZJU and under the umbrella of ZIBS, is a global thought leader in Fintech. Committed to the production and dissemination of expert knowledge, AIF brings together top academics and professionals who together advance the practice of Fintech. With a legacy of academic excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship from China, ZIBS connects people and ideas, shaping the future of business in the new global economic era.

Lord Mayor City Corporation About

The Lord Mayor is the head of the City of London Corporation, based in the historic financial district of London which is also known as the Square Mile. Elections take place annually and this role supports and promotes the UK’s financial and professional services and the City of London as a place to do business