Digitalise your supply chain with Chainvine's compliance platform

Lower your cost of compliance with intelligent products and contracts

Chainvine’s platform can trace products with sensors, recording data as time, acceleration, humidity, temperature, and geolocation. Every point in a company’s operation can be made fully accountable and supply chains made compliant. This lowers the cost for trust in global trade.

What we have done so far

Chainvine has delivered a fully digital customs and import system together with HMRC and the UK Food Standard Agency; The Government of Seychelles contracted us to build a national database for their prime export asset: fish. Chainvine enables asset tracing, increasingly a compliance condition for ESG investments and green bonds.

How we do it

Chainvine was founded on shared beliefs that trust in a company’s operations should be built into the IT systems they use. Chainvine’s platform utilises Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It enables secure recording of data, digitalisation of supply chains, and administrative savings.

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