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What is Chainvine? 01.

Chainvine is a digital platform that manages data across different industries in a secure manner through the recording and verification of data.

How does it work? 02.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) decentralises data across a network of ‘nodes’ which stores transactional data permanently in the cloud on a ‘blockchain’.

Lower your cost of compliance with intelligent products and contracts

Intelligent Products

Products can record vital data such as time, location, and geographic borders. Supplychains can be truly intuitive and compliant without heaps of regulatory documents.

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Intelligent Contracts

Every point in a company’s operation can be made fully accountable and supply chains made compliant. This lowers the cost for trust in global trade.

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Global law firm K&L Gates LLP utilise Chainvine’s “Intelligent Contracts” to allow the firm’s lawyers and IT staff to establish an internal, private and permissioned blockchain to assist in the exploration, creation, and implementation of smart contracts and other technology applications for future client use.

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October 14, 2020

Seychelles Embraces Chainvine to Increase Business Efficiencies in Fisheries Sector

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August 17, 2020

Cabinet approved for signing of MoA between the Gov of Seychelles and Chainvine Ltd

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August 6, 2020

"Pandemic calls for reset; time to innovate" J Arbib, co-founder RethinkX & Oliver Oram, Chainvine

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